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This website is sponsored by the Jamesford Meadows Homeowners Association and is the only website that will be maintained by the Board of the Homeowners Association giving you the most current and accurate information about your neighborhood.  

In order to take advantage of this website simply register. Once you have registered, you will be sent an email of approval from the webmaster. Once you receive the email of approval, you may begin using your website. A few things that may be of concern that we would like to address:

  •  The website is password protected and each of you has individual logins to protect the information on the site. Please help us keep this secure.
  • Only you and your neighbors will have access to the member information, just like the neighborhood directory.
  • The information that you submit during registration will be available only to your neighbors. This will enable us to keep our on-line directory up to date and current information available to you.